After-sales service

After-sale Service:


1. Installation and commissioning issue:

a.We will send 1-2 technicians to assist with machine installation and commissioning, customer needs to pay their tickets, hotel and diet, etc.

b.Customer needs to arrange 5-6 skilled worker and prepare installing machinery and tools.


2. Warranty time:

a. 12 months from date of commissioning completion;

b. If the quality problem arise during the warranty period, and verified that the problem is caused by our machine instead of external or natural reasons (Refer to all kinds of natural disaster, shipping, loading, unloading, wrong-operation, etc), we will supply the relevant spare parts free of charge for maintenance;


If it still does not work, we will send our engineer to serve you until the problem be done, and we will pay the fly ticket.


after the warranty period, we can supply the required spare parts for you under cost price.



3. Supply full English documents:

including foundation drawings, manual book, electric wiring diagram, electric manual book and maintenance book,etc.


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