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Weifang Huaxing Machinery Co., Ltd. is located at No.56, Sushan East Road, Linqu Dongcheng Development Zone, Weifang, Shandong , China, covering an area of 33,350 square meters with building area of 16,000 square meters. The company is an industrial entity including research and development, design, production, and marketing. It has now shaped into an professional manufacturer with metal surface cleaning equipment, painting equipment; complete sets of sand processing equipment and related accessories production. It is equipped with preparation workshop, painting workshop and equipment 1, equipment 2, equipment 3, machining, special casting, electrical assembly totally eight workshops.

The main products include: crawler shot blasting machine series, hook shot blasting machine series, rotary table shot blasting machine series, table roller Pass-type shot blasting machine series ,trolley pass-type shot blasting machine series, catenary suspension continuous, stepping , accumulated blasting machine series, stepping electric hoist circular track shot blasting machine series, steel pipe inner wall and outer wall shot blasting machine series, steel and profile steel pretreatment production line series;

resin sand, water glass sand moulding complete set production line; old sand regeneration and recycling complete set production line; Sand blasting house, sandblasting machine; various high efficient blast wheels; various casting machinery, mining machinery used low chromium, medium chromium, high chromium, ZGMn13 special wear-resistant cast iron; cast steel, ball-milled casting iron, gray cast iron accessories. Various environment friendly cyclone type, bag type, filter cartridge type dust collector.

Meanwhile, undertake the design, production, remoulding and overhaul of casting machinery.

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