“2019 ‘green and efficient welding technology BBS — welding technology innovation and application” technology BBS activity notice

Distinguished experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and friends,

To pro April 1, 2019 was held in the 33rd China welding exposition held during the “2019″ green, high efficient welding technology BBS, welding technology innovation and application of “welding technology exchange activities.BBS focuses on the theme of “innovation and upgrading, promotion and application” of welding equipment, discusses the innovation results and application of welding technology, promotes the deep integration of intelligent welding technology and the real economy, and promotes the healthy development of innovation and upgrading of welding equipment industry.

One, BBS theme

Innovation, upgrading and application promotion


Ii. Activity content

2019 ‘green and efficient welding technology BBS — welding technology innovation and application”

The 33rd China welding expo exhibition visit

The 33rd China welding expo on-site technical consulting exchange activities


Iii. Host of the conference

Special committee on welding technology of China electrotechnical society

Special committee of welding equipment of cwta


Iv. Co-organizing the meeting

Chengdu electric welding machine research institute

Shanghai weili welding equipment manufacturing co., LTD

Jinan north welding accessories co. LTD

Jiangsu xinzhong aluminum welding technology co. LTD

Chengdu international modern industrial technology expo 2019 (organizing committee of chengdu expo)


V. meeting support

Chengdu electric welder magazine co. LTD

Chengdu intelligent welding equipment industry association

Shanghai baoshan welding technology association

International chamber of commerce of sichuan machinery industry

Jiangsu petrochemical equipment industry association

Guangdong laser industry association

Shandong welding chamber of commerce

Anhui welding chamber of commerce

Jiangsu welding chamber of commerce


Six, BBS report

Liu liming, director/professor, school of materials science and engineering, dalian university of technology

Discussion on welding process of aluminum alloy parts for new energy vehicles — Chen xiaolin, deputy general manager of chenghan baoma welding equipment co., LTD

Research progress of green welding materials — zhang tianli, Ph.D., Shanghai university of engineering technology

Discussion on the planning of body in white welding production line — professional planner/professor-level senior engineer cui houxue of automobile advanced welding technology manufacturing planning department of dongfeng motor group co., LTD

Welding dust prevention — -mig /MAG environmental protection welding gun promotion and application prospects — -ji ‘nan north welding co., LTD. General manager MAO yu

Development and technical application of domestic welding robot — deng shihai, deputy general manager of chengdu canop intelligent equipment co., LTD

Application and challenge of laser vision sensor in industrial robot welding process — zhao zhijun, deputy general manager of tangshan yinglaike technology co., LTD

* a networked monitoring system for robot arc welding parameters based on data communication and image processing — CAI yan, professor, institute of welding, Shanghai jiaotong university

Quality control of sheet metal spot welding in automobile manufacturing process — zhang yi, general manager of Shanghai shangke welding equipment co., LTD

Welding, more than welding!- wei wu, marketing director of binzell (guangzhou) welding technology co., LTD


7. Registration time, place and schedule

Check-in time: March 31, 2019, all day.

Registration and accommodation: green Oriental hotel, 2451 hongqiao road, changning district, Shanghai


* March 31, all day check-in – green Oriental Shanghai (2451 hongqiao road, changning district, Shanghai)

Go to Shanghai national convention and exhibition center by bus at 8:00 a.m. on April 1st, and return to green Oriental hotel after the meeting;Local participants should report directly to the venue before 9:30.Welding technology BBS from 9:00 to 17:00

At 8:30 am, April 2nd, we will go to Shanghai national convention and exhibition center by bus.

Note: conference fee is free.Unified arrangements for accommodation, the cost of their own


Viii. Participating enterprises and representatives

Member of special committee of welding technology of China electrotechnical society, special committee of welding equipment of China worker welding technology association, member of brother association, domestic university scholars, equipment manufacturers and user enterprises of welding industry, and representatives of upstream and downstream enterprises of welding industry, etc.


Ix. Publicity media

“Welding machine” magazine, “welding online” mobile terminal public number, China welding power network, welding 21st century network, China welding expo official website and other print and network media.

Post time: Mar-15-2019
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