Apron wheel drum-type automatic sand blaster dsign explanation

This automatic sand blasting machine is a special blasting equipment designed and manufactured against the blasting requirements of your company’s products. The utility model has the advantages of high processing efficiency, simple operation, energy saving, environmental protection and no pollution, and the surface of the product after sandblasting is clean and has no obvious adhesion, and the automatic equipment avoids the unevenness of the manual sand blasting effect, the color difference, and difficult quality guarantee and other issues. The equipment is a closed inner circulation cabin type sand blasting machine equipped with a professional cyclone separator, which can effectively separate the abrasive and dust, ensure high quality and high efficiency of product processing, and at the same time minimize the consumption of abrasive, independent exhaust dust removal system, It can effectively collect and clean the dust scattered in the chamber to prevent dust pollution.



This machine is equipped with 4 spray guns. During the production process, the worker places the workpiece on the crawler drum in the cabin, closes the blasting chamber door, and then opens the automatic blasting button; the workpiece rotates in the drum due to the rotation of the apron wheel drum driven by rotating shaft, and the four reciprocating swinging spray gun automatically blasts the workpiece, and after the blasting, the cabin door is opened, and the worker finally takes out the workpiece.

一、The scope of application and processing efficiency

This machine is suitable for multitudinous sandblasting of the outer surface of the shaft tube, the part type drill pipe, the bore bit head and the shield, tool bit. It removes the dirt, scratches and other debris on the outer surface and makes the surface reach matt status. It can also be used for other small castings, weldments, heat-treated parts, stampings and machined parts’ rust removal, descaling, surface finishing and obtaining a uniform frosted surface and increasing surface adhesion, or for pretreatment process before spraying, plating, and painting.

二、Working environment and some technical parameters

1. Operating temperature range: -10. C ~ 45 ° C

2. Use voltage: 380V ± 10%, frequency: 50HZ ± 2%

3. Dust emission during work <0.4mg

三、Main structure of sand blasting machine

The machine consists of a main body, a cyclone separator, a dust collector and corresponding electrical line components.


(一) Main body

1) This part consists of sandblasting chamber, workpiece moving device, spray gun and spray gun moving mechanism. The chamber body is welded by 3mm cold-rolled steel plate, the inner and outer surfaces are sprayed, and the inner wall of the chamber is lined with protection to protect the box from wear.

1) Mainframe dimensions: 1200 (L) * 1200 (W) * 1800 (H) mm

2) The workpiece moving device adopts the sprocket chain conveying device, which drives the crawler drum to rotate at a constant speed through the action of the shaft rolling, and the workpiece is continuously tumbling in the drum, and the speed can be adjusted according to the workpiece blasting effect.

3) There are 4 standard C-type sandblasting guns in the main box, aluminum gun body, imported boron carbide nozzle (nozzle diameter: ¢8mm); high wear-resistant rubber sand suction tube, high sand absorption efficiency, sand material flow is smooth and does not block the tube.

The spray gun is reciprocally swinging by the 400w motor through the driving action of the eccentric disk and the spray gun rack, so that the sandblasting covers the surface of the workpiece, and the speed and stroke of the reciprocating motion of the spray gun can be adjusted to achieve uniform sandblasting and improve work efficiency.

(二) Cyclone separator

The important part of the machine, the body is made of 3mm cold-rolled steel plate, and the inner and outer surfaces are sprayed. The abrasive that are used continuously and dust can be separated, so that the dust collector only sucks away the dust and the sand material is recycling to reduce the abrasive consumption and improve the efficiency. The wearable part of the separator is equipped with a movable baffle. After the separator is worn out, it can be replaced by user, and the operation is simple and convenient.

Dimensions: Φ500x1100mm. Installed on the top of the main unit.

(三) Dedust box

It consists of dedust bag, centrifugal fan, dust collecting bucket, shaking cylinder and motor. The box body is welded by 2mm cold-rolled steel plate, and the inner and outer surfaces are sprayed. Dimensions: 1000 (L) * 1000 (W) * 1800 (H) mm. Number of automatic pulse filter cartridges: 4 pieces.

(四) Electrical system

It consists of filter, pressure gauge, pressure regulating valve, solenoid valve, motor and corresponding line control components; total power of the equipment: 4.2KW.

1) Spray gun swing motor power: 0.4KW, transmission ratio: 1:25;

2) Exhaust motor power: 3KW;

3) Rotating motor power: 1.5KW, transmission ratio: 1:40, equipped with frequency conversion speed control device.

四、The compressed air system (user self-matching)

The blasting pressure is adjustable according to the process requirements, the pressure is 1-6 bar, the pressure of the spray gun is entralized controlled by a unified pressure regulating valve, and there is a pressure gauge display. The buyer is required to supply dry compressed air with a pressure of more than 8 bar and a flow rate of about 5 m3/min.

五.The warranty period is one year, except for wearing parts

Post time: Apr-27-2019
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