Chengdu foundry enterprise manager (factory director) annual meeting minutes

On January 9, 2019, by the mechanical engineering society of chengdu, casting foundry industry association of chengdu branch, chengdu star raw casting machinery co., LTD., chengdu tai peak electric co., LTD., to undertake “in 2018, chengdu casting enterprise managers (factory director) annual meeting and casting industry transformation and upgrading experience exchanging meeting” in chengdu city changfeng hotel part (chung city party school) begins grandly!

The theme of this annual meeting is “scientific and technological innovation, taking the trend as the trend and green development”.Chengdu foundry industry association, chengdu institute of mechanical engineering foundry branch co-sponsored.The meeting held the fifth meeting of the second session of chengdu foundry industry association, the meeting of connecting foundry industry park with foundry entrepreneurs and equipment manufacturing industry chain.

The opening ceremony of the conference officially started at 9:30 am on January 9.Leaders and guests attended the meeting come to chengdu, chengdu environmental protection bureau deputy director of the economic and information commission Zhang Lujin atmospheric LengYu detailed research, ring, is also director of the deng of chengdu, chengdu economic and information commission industry collaboration in guang-hua liu researcher, city vice mayor Ye Zhijun, Yang jun, general manager of national center for intelligent casting industry, yunnan NiuWenFeng casting association secretary-general teng chong intelligent co., LTD., shanxi huaxiang group general manager liu wei, xian-hua Yin President of welding association of chengdu, chengdu casting society Ceng Ming secret, chengdu casting industry association executive director and President of the secret Gao Chengxun, etc.At the opening ceremony, gao chengxun, executive President and secretary President, zhang lujin, deputy director, ye zhijun, deputy mayor, leng yuxiang researcher, liu guanghua researcher and other leaders delivered speeches.

Then national intelligent casting industry innovation center (share) in ningxia Yang jun, general manager for the casting application practice of 3 d printing industrialization “report, shanxi huaxiang group co., LTD., general manager liu made a” based on the 3 dp sclerosis of integral casting intellectualization casting characteristics of report, collaborative innovation of science and technology promotion association member department of sichuan province on behalf of communication “state/province/city/district industry policy, the chengdu jinding precision casting co., LTD. On behalf of communication” adhere to the green development, casting a better tomorrow “, on behalf of the mould industry association of chengdu, introduced in 2019 Germany hannover exhibition activities.

Afternoon until technology co., LTD in tianjin Chen Yue cheng on behalf of the communication revolution of casting processing grinding report, thain, sichuan instrument co., LTD. On behalf of communication “break through the analysis of testing the core technology, high-speed power materials science development” report, associate professor, wuhan polytechnic university Tang Gongtao communication “smart casting ERP/MES/PLM system in the enterprise application” paper, Beijing tong is dragon industry &trade co., LTD. On behalf of the exchange of the pollution from the source to eliminate casting,Casting foundry powers “report, shandong lumena rui new materials co., LTD. On behalf of the communication of the casting element analysis in the application of sand mold casting” report, changzhou good di machinery co., LTD. On behalf of communication intelligent casting processing equipment and technical report, jianping was mining co., LTD Li Qunying representative communication the quality of bentonite in the application of green sand paper, foshan molten industrial furnace co., LTD. On behalf of communication “smart casting – starting from the melting section” report, the kinghsien integrity casting mould co., LTD. On behalf of communication “automatic level to take off the box molding machine” report, baotou industrial materials co., LTD. On behalf of the communicationThe paper introduces the advantages and main characteristics of “coyote” brand coal powder.

The conference also held a small indoor exhibition, more than 30 enterprises to participate in the exhibition.

Held on January 10, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 industry coordinated development of cities and states the casting zone with ccpit, casting entrepreneurs ShuYang development zone at the meeting, guangyuan qingchuan park on behalf of the marketing campaign for merchants, respectively introduce the local economic development condition and undertaking industrial transfer related preferential policies, the enterprise on behalf of the concern and coordinated development, the industrial transfer in communication.

This conference was attended by more than 130 member units, materials, equipment and other manufacturers, and more than 200 representatives. It was a grand meeting for the foundry industry in western China. The representatives of participating enterprises fully understood the urgency of the transformation and upgrading of the foundry industry, and communicated with the transfer and undertaking enterprises in the park, laying a foundation for the subsequent development orientation.

Post time: Jan-24-2019
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