Factors that must be considered when designing and choosing a bag dust collector

Factors that must be considered when designing and choosing a bag dust collector

1. Site  Whether it is an equipment renovation project or a new dust collector project, you must first confirm the site restrictions, including the installation location of the equipment (indoor/outdoor), the position of the wind inlet and outlet, the fan position (positive/negative pressure dust collector), and compressed air source pipeline position factors.

multi chamber dust collectors

2. Nature of pollution source   According to the exhaust volume from the pollution source, the actual air volume of the equipment is calculated. Note: The concentration, temperature and pressure of the air inlet of the dust removal equipment must be considered. The filtration load of the dust removal system should be comprehensively calculated, and the process requirements should be combined to determine whether it is necessary to add the pre-dedusting, cooling or chemical neutralization system.

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3. Equipment form  In combination with the process requirements, it is determined that the dust removal equipment form is adopted. For example, if it is installed indoors and has site restrictions, if it is used for air separation system or powder recycling  at room temperature, consider designing a filter cartridge or a flat bag filter. Because the filter cartridge is a folded filter material, it can contain up to 22 square meters of filter area in a volume of Ø325x660mm Length, which saves equipment space in large degree. However, the filter cartridge dust collector requires a special cleaning method. Flat filter bags are generally installed by side inserting and are dust cleaned with high pressure pulses.

Filter cartridge dust collector

4. Air volume  If the air volume is large (more than 500,000 m3 per hour), a long bag dust collector(5 to 8 meters bag length) can be designed. When large dust collectors (which can distinguish 10 or more filter chambers) are treated with relatively fine dust particles, high inlet concentrations, large changes in gas exhaust temperature, or relatively high flue gas humidity, the requirements for dust cleaning systems are also relatively high. At this time, then you can consider the offline pulse dust cleaning method. In short, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the on-site working conditions and combine the experience of the designers to determine the preliminary design plan of the project.



5. Select the deashing method of the dust cleaning system The filter bag dust removal equipment mainly distinguishes the types by its dust cleaning method. Common seen in the country mainly includes: mechanical vibration; atmospheric back-blowing; negative pressure back-blowing; gas tank injection; annular gap injection; long bag low-pressure pulse and high-efficiency pulse.

Post time: Mar-10-2019
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