GT-600(0.3m3) Mobile wet sand blasting machine

GT-600(0.3m3) Mobile wet sand blasting machine

vapor sand blasting machine

1.1 Use:

This machine is a jet processing equipment to the component with water and abrasive as the medium using press-in type working system formed by compressed air

1.1.1The machine can achieve below work:

1)Clean oxide skin and welding slag, heat-treated pieces,welding parts, castings, forgings,

Cleaning quality can reach Sa3 ratings.

2)Clean Micro burr, surface residue of processing parts.

3)Can be as the pretreatment before coating and plating of workpiece surface, which can get active surface, and improve adhensive force of coating and plating layers.

4)Can be used to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the workpiece surface, such as changing the surface stress state, improving the lubrication conditions of the mating parts.

5)It is also very suitable for face-lifting of old parts.

1.1.2 The applicable process of this machine:

It is suitable for water sand blast, water peening process.

1.2 Feature:

1)Working flexible, process parameters changeable

2)The worpiece surface hardening after sand blasting, which can improve the abrasive resistance and fatigue strength of workpiece.

3)The using life will be longer and easy for maintenance

1.3 Main technical datas:

1.3.1 abrasives:

 1)water: industrial tap water

2)water consumption:120kg

3)Abrasive types: recommended corundum abrasives, also allowed to use other abrasives.

 4)Abrasive grain: 36#~80#

 5) Abrasives usage: if using corundum abrasives, one time filling amount won’t surpass 132kg.

1.3.2 sand pot:

Sand pot volume: around 0.3m3, Max. water, abrasive volume 0.12m3

1.3.3 sand blast hose:

Inner dia.: 25mm Special purpose sand blast hose

1.3.4 Spray gun:

 1)quantity: one piece manual spray gun

 2)nozzle dia.: φ10mm;

 3)Working pressure(compressed air gage pressure after machine starting):0.5~0.7MPa

4)Single gun air consumption: around 5M3/min

1.3.5 Total machine air consumption: around 6 M3/min.

1.3.6 air delivery pipe joint size: OD¢26

1.3.7 Working conditions:

Compressed air source: air source pressure 0.7MPa, discharge capacity ≥6M3/min [standard state (20℃, 101.325KPa) air volume flow

Note: user must self prepare above working conditions

Post time: Jul-31-2019
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