Hooks type shot blaster common fault and solving measures

Dust contains steel shot so many in dust collector

Measures: air volume so large, then fairly adjust tuyere baffle till it can guarantee dust collecting, but no steel sand


Cleaning result is not ideal

Measure: 1 steel shot supplying is insufficient, fairly increase steel shot

                 2 Impeller head(blast wheel)throwing direction is not correct, adjust control cage mouth position according to instruction book


There is Slipping phenomenon when elevator hoists materials

Measure: adjust driving wheel while tensioning belts


There is abnormal sound in segregator

Measure: inside and outside bolt looseness, tighten up belt


Spiral conveyor does not convey the sand

Measure: see wiring whether it is correct, whether it is reversal


Machine starting and stopping motion is insensitive or it can not motion according to regulation

Measure: 1 related electrical elements burn out, check and replace

                 2 There are more dust in electrical box, electric appliance contact point has poor contact

                 3 Time relay is out of order, replace time relay, and strictly prohibit running debug


Hook does not rotate or rubber wheel trackslip

Measure: 1 workpiece weight cleaning is beyond specified requirement

                 2 Gap between Reducer rubber wheel and hooks is unreasonable, adjust rotation mechanism

                 3 Reducer or wiring troubles, check reducer and wiring


Hook up, down, in, and out is inflexible

Measure: 1 Limit or travel switch is broken, check and replace

                 2 Electric hoist broken, overhaul broken parts

                 3 The hanging heavy objects by hooks is fairly light


Impeller head(blast wheel) vibration is fairly strong

Measure: 1 Vane wears seriously, operates unevenly, should replace vanes in symmetry or group to find balance

                 2 Vane wheel wears seriously, should replace it

                 3 Impeller head (blast wheel) fixed bolt loosens, fastens the bolts


There is abnormal noise in impeller head( blast wheel)

Measure:  steel sand specification does not conform to requirement causes sand stuck phenomenon, replace qualified steel sand

              Impeller head(blast wheel)inner guard board loosens, which causes friction with vane wheel or impeller blade, adjust guard board


Impeller head(blast wheel) blasting capacity is uneven

Measure: 1 adjust opening mouth of steel abrasive supplying

                 2 Adjust shakeout adjusting plate gap of segregator, let flow curtain be even


Dust collector does not collect dust or dust removal effect is not ideal


1.dust collector draught fan wiring is wrong, draught fan reversal, should be rewiring

2.Bags banding in the dust collector is not strong or broken or bags not enough

3.Dust collector chamber or dust collecting pipe is not sealed, should guarantee them be sealed

4.Shakeout is not as required during cleaning the parts, casting sand residue is more, and dust amount in dedusting entrance is fairly high.

5.Dust collector and vibrating mechanism does not start, or start using time is few, dust has blocked bags, and should clean dust attached on the bags on time


Attention items:

1.If machine fault still can not be eliminated according to above ways, please contact us in time.

2.It should pay attention to throwing direction, if steel abrasives from impeller head(blast wheel) shoot top guard board or rubber guard board under, then should adjust the position of control cage in the impeller head (blast wheel).

If there are other questions, please feel free to contact us. Hope we can help you.

Post time: Aug-10-2015
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