How to break through the bottleneck to achieve development in shot blasting machine industry?

Shot blasting machine is the use of steel shot sent to the high-speed rotating disc, the use of centrifugal force, so that the high-speed steel shot impact parts surface, to achieve the purpose of polishing, shot blasting machine parts surface pressure stress, and no silicon powder, small environmental pollution.Shot blasting machine can make parts surface compressive stress, can improve their fatigue strength and tensile stress corrosion resistance, the service life of the workpiece.


According to the statistics of shot blasting machine association, compared with 2011, the total consumption of domestic shot blasting machine market decreased by 18.6% in 2014, and decreased by 13.5% in 2016 compared with 2014.”However, it must be pointed out that the decline in total market demand is structural, that is, the decline of low-end generic products is the most prominent.”Chen huiren said that compared with the peak in the first half of 2011, the current production and sales of ordinary and heavy shot blasting machine have dropped to 30% or even 20%.So, a lot of negative impacts are inevitable.


Shot blasting machine manufacturer red sea machinery believes that from abroad, in 2016, affected by the uncertainty of the follow-up effects of the us interest rate hike, the withdrawal of quantitative easing monetary policy and other policies, the pressure of the euro zone government debt has not been removed, coupled with the emerging market economy obvious fluctuations and decline, the global economic boom is still in the doldrums.Global projectile blasting machine industry growth rate significantly declined, global IT spending will further decline, so that China’s export situation is still serious, to maintain high-speed economic growth has become the “thirteenth five-year” period of the core task.In this context, China’s shot blasting machine manufacturing industry needs to identify new drivers and new space for future development to overcome the adverse impact of current market changes.


With the integration and innovation among industries, the influence of software on hardware and the role of transformation become increasingly prominent, and become the key factor to determine the industrial competition.This determines that the competition in the shot blasting machine manufacturing industry has been not limited to the manufacturing industry, the need to pay attention to the basic parts, core devices, software, machine assembly, network adaptation, application and other aspects of the competition, among which, the leading enterprises have become an important leader in the industry competition.Such as samsung on the industrial chain integrity, and some links of monopoly, such as apple in closed operating system development and application promotion advantages, etc., is a leading enterprise in the international competition must face an important gap in the move, China’s enterprises should continue to accelerate the transformation, attaches great importance to the design industry chain and ecosystem competition development path, to further strengthen the international voice

Post time: Apr-04-2019
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