Huaxing Bag Dust Collector Manufacture and Configuration


1. Pulse jet dust cleaning system

Pulse jet dust cleaning, that means pulsed compressed air is sprayed directly from the top of each filter bag center to remove dust that gathered on the surface of the filter bag. The pulsed air forms an instantaneous “shock wave” and Venturi effect, which can effectively loosen the aggregate on the outer surface of the filter bag, so that the filter unit can have a higher air-to-cloth ratio than other systems. At the same time, this design reduces maintenance costs while preventing airflow fluctuations, ensuring filtration efficiency and extending filter bag life.

2. Deashing required pulse controller

The system uses a deashing required pulse controller to control the dust cleaning system through differential pressure sensing. Unlike simple timing control, the deashing required pulse controller starts cleaning only when the differential pressure reaches a preset starting value, and stops cleaning when it reaches a preset end value. The system only sprays the filter bag when it is necessary to clean the dust, always maintain the appropriate filter cake on the filter bag, reduce the air consumption of the compressed air, and extend the life of the filter bag. As needed, the pulse cleaning controller is protected against frost to ensure proper operation.

3. Double diaphragm pulse valve

The double diaphragm pulse valve is used to control the entire row filter bags cleaning. The pulse valve has been designed by experts to provide higher cleaning efficiency than conventional single diaphragm valves. As the cleaning effect is enhanced and the efficiency is improved, the number of dust cleaning is reduced accordingly, which saves compressed air and prolongs the service life of the filter bag.


4. Pulse air bag

Pulse air bags are supplied with pulse valves, solenoid valves, mounting plates, and other mounting parts. The air bag is made from steel pipe to ensure the service life; at the same time, the air bag is rigorously tested by the factory to ensure that the valve works normally without any leakage.

5. Compressed air filtration system

A set of compressed air filter / pressure regulating valve / drain valve system can effectively improve the quality of compressed air, and the filtration efficiency of oil and water in compressed air is high. This system is used to protect the pneumatic components from damage, prevent the erosion of the injection system, eliminate the stuck phenomenon of the electromagnetic pulse valve, and effectively extend the service life of the filter bag. This unit is usually placed at the front end of the air bag.

6. Water drain valve

The clean air bag design is equipped with a 1/4 water drain valve, which can effectively and timely discharge the oil and water in the air bag to improve the quality of the compressed air. The water drain valve is usually placed at the bottom of the air bag.

7. Automatic dust cleaning valve

The deashing valve will be able to conveniently maintain the differential pressure gauge and the required deashing system to remove accumulated dust from the differential pressure pipeline. The three-way valve is externally connected to the compressed air tube and connected to the differential pressure tube of the dust chamber. By pressing the cleaning button, compressed air can automatically clean the pipeline. If connected to the timer, it can do automatically cleaning job.

8. High precision tube nest processing

9. Inspection door

The dust collector is equipped with an inspection door, which is convenient for maintenance workers to enter the upper chamber of the dust collector for maintenance.

10. Operation and maintenance manual

The Operation and Maintenance Manual is used to guide the proper installation, start-up and maintenance of the equipment under construction. Our company’s engineers and technicians will provide training and technical support for equipment maintenance in your factory.

11. Top-mounted spring expansion ring opening filter bag

The top-mounted spring expansion ring interface can fully guarantee the sealing between the filter bag and the tube nest. At the same time, the use of this structure makes it easier to install and remove the filter bag without special tools.


12. Rigid cage

The rigid cages produced by our company have a hard structure, can reduce the damage rate, and use anti-corrosion steel to help extend the life of the filter bags. The crimped flange top protects the filter bag from damage and the smooth disk at the bottom prevents the filter bag from being worn.The bag frame is produced by advanced automatic welding machine, which has many advantages such as firm solder joint, no burr, no virtual welding, stable quality and beautiful appearance. Precise size control makes it more tightly integrated with the bag. When the bag is blown, the bag is evenly shaken, the dust is thoroughly removed and the bag life is greatly extended.


13. Side entry inspection platform with handrail

The side entry handrail inspection platform provides easy access to the air bag and filter unit for maintenance. The platform will be designed as required to provide a safe and stable environment for the maintenance of the dust collector.

Post time: Jan-25-2019
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