Huaxing Machinery–The 17th China International Foundry Expo trip was a complete success!

Asia + Metallurgy China 2019, the world’s second largest casting metallurgy and industrial furnace event, was grandly opened on March 13th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Leaders of industry and local associations at home and abroad, representatives of industrial clusters, the sea Inside and outside the industry elites, business representatives, more than a thousand exhibitors and nearly 80,000 professional visitors gathered to witness this great moment, Huaxing Machinery is honored to exhibit at the E5-Foundry E5B12 booth, sharing the industry feast!


2During the exhibition, Huaxing people brought the core components of the shot blasting machine to the scene. One piece of high-end castings, one of the cutting-edge technologies, and one professional explanation. Huaxing is demonstrating the beauty of China’s casting with practical actions, providing a set of metal surface cleaning solutions to promote the development of the foundry industry. .

   In the future, Huaxing will pay more attention to product research and development, improve product competitiveness, and constantly improve the service system at home and abroad, and serve every customer wholeheartedly!

Post time: Mar-19-2019
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