Shot Blasting Machine Application Field

1. Forging industry: Forgings produced by ordinary forging companies need to be grinding and polished, and shot blasting machinery is a professional machine used in this aspect. Shot blaster can be different types according to different types of workpieces and will not damage the original shape and function of the forged parts.

2. Mold industry: Generally speaking, the mold is mostly forged, and the mold itself requests smoothness. The shot blasting machine can be polished according to different requirements, without damaging the original shape and function of the mold. .

3. Steel mill: Steel and steel plates produced by steel mills have a lot of burrs when they are out from melting furnaces, which will affect the quality and selling of steel. These problems can be handled by using a passing shot blasting machine to make these questions easy to handle;

4. Shipyard: The steel plate used by the shipyard has rust, which will affect the quality of the shipbuilding. It is impossible to remove those rust by man power,  the amount of work will be very large. This requires the machine to remove the rust to ensure the quality of the shipbuilding. Using shot blasting process will solve all those problems.

5. Car manufacturer: According to the operation request of the car manufacturer, the steel plate and some forged parts are required to be polished, but the strength of the steel plate and the original shape cannot be damaged. The shape of the forged piece must be cleaned beautifully. Because the car parts are not very regular, then request a different polishing machine to complete. The shot blasting machines that are used in demand include: drum type, rotary table, crawler type, passing type shot blast cleaning machine, and different machine processes different workpieces;

6. Hardware Factory, Electroplating Factory: Because the hardware factory and the electroplating factory both request the workpiece surface cleaning, flatness and lubrication, the shot blasting machine can handle these questions. The hardware factory has small workpieces. It is suitable for drum type shot blasting machine and crawler type shot blasting machine, depending on the situation. If electroplating factory needs treating small workpiece and the quantity is large, the crawler type shot blasting machine can be used to complete the workpiece descaling and polishing;

7. Motorcycle factory: Because the motorcycle parts are small, it is suitable to use the drum type shot blasting machine. If the quantity is large, the hook type or the crawler type can be used.

8. Valve factory: Because the workpieces of the valve factory are forged, they need to be polished and grinding, then will be cleaned, lubricated and flat. This requires a shot blasting machine to sort out these impurities. Available machinery: rotary table, hook type shot blasting machine.

9. Bearing factory: The bearing is made through mold pressing and the surface is more lubricated. However, sometimes it is still some impurities or burrs. This also requires treating. At this time, the shot blasting machine will be used.

10. Steel structure construction enterprise: Steel structure must be rust-removed before use to reach the national construction requirements, pass-type shot blaster adopts automatic treating without human rust removal, and the environmental pollution of pickling meanwhile be reduced by large amount.

Post time: Jul-31-2018
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