The 4th National Foundry Industry Innovation and Development Forum was successfully concluded!

The 4th National Foundry Industry Innovation and Development Forum (The 2nd China Green Intelligent Casting Summit Forum)  was successfully concluded.

On September 9th, the 4th National Foundry Industry Innovation and Development Forum and the 2nd China Green Intelligent Casting Summit Forum, hosted by China Foundry Association and organized by Jilin Casting Association, were held in Changchun. Today, It is successfully concluded, Huaxing Machinery has the honor to participate in this forum exchange learning.


Welcome speech by Mr. Zhang, President of China Foundry Association

With the theme of “Innovation ●Intelligence ●Green”, the conference invited industry experts to give a keynote Speech  focusing on the current casting industry innovation development, intelligent manufacturing, green casting, and exchange and share the experience of typical green smart factory with different casting processes. After the meeting, the participants will be organized to go to FAW Foundry Co., Ltd., FAW Vehicle Assembly Production Line and Hongqi Culture Exhibition Hall for on-site exchange study.


During the meeting, Huaxing Machinery’s Changchun Office brought the accessories of the shot blasting machine to the conference site to show the exchange. The parts produced by our company all adopt precision casting technology, and are made of high-chromium, manganese and molybdenum special wear-resistant cast iron and cast steel. After strict testing, screening and testing, the service life is increased and the equipment accessories dissipation is reduced.微信图片_20190919083333微信图片_20190919083343

As an old industrial base, it is laid out in major industrial projects such as steel, energy, chemicals, heavy machinery, automobiles, shipbuilding, aircraft, military and other major industries in the three northeastern provinces, laying the initial foundation for China’s industrialization. Great contribution to China’s industrial development. Huaxing Machinery’s Changchun Office is in response to the national revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China, to better serve the customers in the Northeast, and to provide comprehensive and professional solutions for cleaning and dust removal problems.


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Post time: Sep-19-2019
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