Weifang huaxing blast wheel detailed introduction

Huaxing Blast Wheel Detailed Introduction

Blast Wheel Short Introduction:

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The blast wheel is a key component of the shot blasting equipment, and its performance directly affects the performance, cleaning quality and work efficiency of the cleaning equipment.

Blast Wheel Working Principle:

The principle of shot blasting is to convert the kinetic energy of the steel shot into an impact force on the surface of the workpiece. The efficiency of shot blasting depends on the quantity, size, speed and direction of the steel shot. Therefore, the economic and technical index of the shot blasting machine depends almost entirely on the performance of the blast wheel.

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Product Feature:

1. Precision processing, with high assembly precision.

2. High transmission efficiency and low energy loss.

3. The wearing parts with high abrasion resistance and have a long service life.

4. High throwing speed, accurate throwing angle and high quality of workpiece surface cleaning.

5. High safety, low failure rate and easy maintenance.

6. The components with good interchangeability.

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Product Basic Composition:

blast wheel compositionblast wheel parts


Blast Wheel Main Models and Parameters:


Vane Radian

Motor connected way

Shot blasting efficiency

Vane wheel Dia.(mm)
















Blast Wheel Attentions During Installation:

The blast wheel is a key component in the blasting equipment of the cleaning workshop. The problem that is prominent in the use of the blast wheel is the wear of the parts. The vanes, the shot dividing wheel and the control cage are all wearing parts and need to be replaced frequently. The blast wheel transmission is constructed in such a manner that a pulley is installed at one end of the transmission shaft to obtain power.

Blast wheel installing attentions:

1. The blast wheel should be mounted on a firm engine base.

2. The blast wheel mainshaft bearing is added with No.2 calcium base grease once a week. The fueling amount is better not too much. The new grease should be replaced every 3-6 months.

3. After each shift, it should check the wear of the wearing parts of blast wheel and replace the wearing parts in time.

4. Do not open the shroud cover when the blast wheel vane does not completely stop rotating. When opening the shroud cover, you should power off all buttons.

5. After the assembly, the end face bounce is no more than 0.05 mm, and the radial runout is no more than 0.1 mm.

The blast wheel must have high Geometric Tolerance accuracy after assembly. Each blast wheel we produced has undergone rigorous testing and metering control. The blast wheel has good dynamic balance performance, and the unbalanced torque is less than 15Nmm, thus reducing the noise of the equipment has been guaranteed through weighing and matching of the balance.

blast wheel installing attentions



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