Weifang Huaxing High Efficiency Energy-saving Fume Extractor

1) Material: 2MM Carbon steel or stainless steel
2) Installed with pulse valves and control system
3) Famous Brand Electrical Appliances, ABB switch, Intelligent Control System, Safety and Durability
4) Overcurrent, overheat, overload protection. Make
sure the electrical system is almost never damaged.
5) Automobile grade plastic spraying technology to ensure that the equipment is stainless.

6) Dust removal filter element, abandoning the traditional cellulose filter paper or polyester fiber non-woven fabric with larger aperture and lower filtration precision,chooses new nano-fiber surface filter material, which has fine and good air permeability.
There is also a layer of PTFE film imported from Japan on the surface.
The dust filtration accuracy can reach 0.3 micron, and it can effectively screen and block over 99.99% of welded fume dust through filter device filtration.
Not only that, the new filter material is also easy to clean ash, and has twice as long service life as the traditional filter material.

PTFE filter cartridge

Post time: May-18-2019
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