Weifang Huaxing Machinery Co., Ltd. Application of shot blasting machine

Foundry industry

Casting parts produced by foundry companies need to be polished and polished, and shot blasting machinery is a professional machine to solve this problem. Different models are used depending on the workpiece and the original shape and performance of the casting are not damaged. It is not only necessary to remove the oxide scale and sand on the surface of the casting, but also an indispensable preparation process before the quality inspection of the casting. The more important purpose is to remove the burrs of the die-casting parts by shot blasting and obtain the decorative surface quality to obtain a comprehensive effect.

Mould industry

The mold is a precision tool with complex shape and bearing the expansion force of the blank. It has high requirements on structural strength, stiffness, surface hardness, surface roughness and processing accuracy. Generally, there are many castings in the mold manufacturing. The shot blasting machine can be polished according to different requirements, without damaging the original shape and performance of the mold, and improving the service life of the mold. Different types of shot blasting machines are selected according to the requirements of different workpieces.

Hardware factory, electroplating factory

Since both the hardware factory and the electroplating factory require the surface of the workpiece to be clean, smooth and smooth, the shot blasting machine can solve these problems in a targeted manner. The hardware factory has small workpieces and is suitable for use with drum type shot blasting machine and crawler type shot blasting machine, depending on the situation. If the electroplating factory cleans the workpiece small and the amount is large, the crawler type shot blasting machine can be used to complete the rust removal polishing of the workpiece.


The steel plates used by the shipyard have rust, which will affect the quality of the shipbuilding. Due to the large size and large amount of the workpiece, manual de-embedding cannot be used. This requires the machine to remove rust to ensure the quality of the shipbuilding. It can be solved by using a series of through-type shot blasting machine.

Automobile factory

According to the working requirements of the automobile manufacturer, the steel plates and castings used need to be polished, but the strength and original shape of the steel plate cannot be damaged, and the appearance of the castings should be clean and beautiful. Due to the irregularity of the car parts, different shot blasting machines are required to complete. The shot blasting machines that can be selected are: drum type, rotary table, crawler type, through-type shot blasting machine, and different mechanical processing of different workpieces.

Steel mill

Steel and steel plates produced by steel mills have many burrs when they are released, and the surface is very rough, which affects the quality. Use the – shot blasting machine to eject high-speed and dense projectile beams, and strike all parts of the original steel to perform three-dimensional and all-round cleaning, so that the rust layer, welding slag, oxide scale and dirt on each surface of the steel It quickly falls off and obtains a smooth surface with a certain roughness, which improves the adhesion of the paint film to the steel surface, improves the fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance of the steel, improves the intrinsic quality of the steel and prolongs its service life. Will affect the quality and selling of steel. These problems can be dealt with by using a roller-passing type (steel plate pretreatment, H-beam special, etc.) shot blasting machine to solve these problems.

Parts factory

Due to the small size of the fittings, it is suitable to use the drum type shot blasting machine. The production volume is large, and it is possible to use a hook type or a crawler type shot blasting machine.

Valve factory

Since the workpieces of the valve factory are all cast, they need to be polished and polished, and the shot blasting machine is used to clean these impurities to achieve clean, smooth and smooth. A rotary or hook type shot blasting machine can be used.

Bearing factory

The bearing is pressed by a mold and has a smooth surface, but sometimes it is still some impurities or burrs, so it needs a shot blasting machine to clean it.

Steel construction company

The steel structure must be derusted before use to meet the structural requirements stipulated by the state. It can be cleaned automatically by using the pass-through and HGP steel structure shot blasting machine. It does not require manual descaling and reduces the environmental pollution of pickling. And improve the anti-fatigue strength and corrosion resistance of steel, improve the inherent quality of steel and extend its service life.

Stone, building materials factory

New building materials, such as blocks, have used shot blasting to increase the surface effect of the block; marble and other stone industries have begun to use the shot blasting process to gradually replace the traditional fire method to improve the yield and surface finish.

Rubber and plastic bottle factory

Cutting off the burrs of various rubber products and plastic products is a low-power, labor-intensive operation. Now, the blasting equipment with a freezing device has been applied to freeze and embrittle various rubber products in a shot blasting machine. The projectile is thrown and the burr is easily removed. The phenolic plastic products can be used to remove burrs without damaging the surface roughness of the parts without using the projectile made of walnut skin; after the transformer assembly, some excess thread or other unwanted debris is removed.

Post time: Jan-30-2019
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