Weifang Huaxing Machinery Double Hook Shot blaster(Shot Blasting Machine, Abrator, Shot Blast Equipment) Detailed Introduction

                                                              Hook or Hanger Shot Blasting Machine or Equipment

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 As a standard model of shot blasting machine, the hook shot blasting machine has a working cylinder diameter of 900 to 1300 mm and a    height of 1300 to 3500 mm. The standard model has 2-7 throwing heads and the maximum load capacity is 10,000 in kilograms, this shot  blasting machine has a very high production efficiency and a wide flexibility span. It is an ideal cleaning and strengthening device, and it is  easy to operate. It only needs to load the workpiece to be processed on the machine, press the start button, and pass a very short  time (usually 5-7 minutes), the entire cleaning process is completed, all dust and residual pellets are removed, which is mainly suitable  for surface treatment of various medium and large castings, forgings, weldments and heat-treated parts, including Fragile and irregular  shaped workpieces. It is suitable for the surface cleaning or strengthening of castings and forgings and rivet weldments of various varieties,  medium and small batches, especially for the surface cleaning or strengthening of slender thin-walled parts that are afraid of collision. It can  apply strong shot blasting to the surface of the original steel, remove the surface rust and welding slag and scale to obtain a uniform surface  of the metal shiny surface to remove stress and improve the surface finish quality and corrosion resistance of the steel.


1. Using large shot blasting and high throwing speed HX blast wheel can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency and obtain satisfactory cleaning quality.

2. Simulated projectile drawings (including the type, the number, and the position of the space arrangement of blast wheel, etc.) and all the drawings of the shot blasting machine is completely drawn by computer aided design (CAD). The selection and arrangement of the blast wheel is more reasonable. The utilization rate and labor productivity of the metal abrasives is improved, meanwhile, the cleaning effect is ensured, and the wear of the chamber guard plate is reduced.

3. Adopting the popular form of no-pit structure, which not only saves the construction cost and time of the pit foundation, but also solves the problem of metal abrasives rust and agglomeration in the hoist caused by the water storage in the pit..

4. hot zone in cleaning chamber is protected by rolling Mn13 board. Compared with the previous rubber sheet protection, its service life is greatly improved, and its appearance is beautiful and easy to replace. It is the most popular protection method of cleaning machine chamber.


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This type of cleaning machine is suitable for surface cleaning or strengthening treatment of medium and small castings and forgings in the casting, construction, chemical, motor, machine tool and other industries. It is especially suitable for surface cleaning and shot peening of castings, forgings and steel structural parts of various varieties and small batches to remove a small amount of sand, sand core and oxide scale on the surface of the workpiece; it is also suitable for surface cleaning and strengthening of heat-treated parts. Especially suitable for the cleaning of slender, thin-walled parts that are not suitable for collision.

 Composition structure:

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Hook type shot blasting machine is a hook type cleaning device, which consists of shot blasting room, hoist, separator, screw conveyor, two blast wheel assemblies, abrasive shot control system, hook walking track and hook system, rotation device, foundation, dust removal system and electrical control part.

Shot blasting room:

weldment abrasive blasting machine

The shot blasting chamber is composed of a chamber shell and a guard plate. The dust removal outlet is disposed on the rear side wall. The shell of the shot blasting chamber is a steel plate and a steel welded structure, which is a sealed and spacious operation space for shot blasting and cleaning of the workpiece. Two sets of Q064 type blast wheel assemblies are installed on one side wall of the shot blasting chamber to ensure complete shot blasting and cleaning of the workpiece. The area directly cast by the blast wheel in the chamber is lined with ZGMn13 with a thickness of δ12, and the other areas are protected by 65Mn plate. The guard plates are pressed with protective nuts to facilitate disassembly and replacement when necessary. The lower part of the chamber body is surrounded by a steel plate to form a funnel, so that the metal abrasive shot flows into the screw conveyor at the bottom. The steel plate is also covered with a guard plate for protection. Above the screw conveyor, a steel leakage plate is laid, and a wear rubber plate is laid over the steel leakage plate. When in use, the wear-resistant rubber sheet should be placed directly in front of the blast wheel to protect the underlying steel leakage plate and extend its service life. The standard configuration of this machine is manual hand switch door mode. The machine is designed to open the door form. The inside of the door is covered with wear-resistant rubber guard plate. It is made of steel pressure plate and pressed with hexagonal special nut. Foam rubber strip is attached around it to effectively seal the door. The bottom is equipped with a metal pill recycling box. A small part of the metal pill that was brought out when the door was opened was taken into the room to prevent the metal abrasive pill from falling onto the ground and causing the person to slip and be injured. An oil cup is provided on the door shaft of the gate to periodically lubricate the bearings in the hinge sheet.

Blast wheel:

The blast wheel is mainly composed of an impeller, a blade, a splitting wheel, a control cage, a cover, a guard plate, a main shaft, and a pill tube.

The Q064 cantilever centrifugal blast wheel used in this machine has the advantages of high efficiency, convenient installation and maintenance, small space occupation, and the ability to rotate justifyand right. In the process of rapid rotation, the blade is fixed by the action of centrifugal force, and does not require any fixed fixture. When disassembling the blade, the blade can be removed by simply tapping the outer end of the blade. It takes only 10-20 minutes to remove the eight blades. In addition, this series of blast wheel can also check the wear of the splitting wheel and the control cage while disassembling the blade. In addition, the main shaft of the blast wheel is mounted on the casing, and the holes for fixing the main shaft and the control cage on the casing are processed at one time, thereby reducing the friction of the splitting wheel on the metal abrasives and the control cage being squeezed. It also greatly improved the efficiency of shot blasting. During the use of the control cage, the wear of the rectangular window should be checked frequently. When the window wears about 5 mm, it must be rotated about 5 mm (in the direction of the impeller rotation). When the window loss is more than 15 mm, it should be replaced. Otherwise, the radial scattering angle will increase proportionally so as to accelerate the wear of the shield and reduce the cleaning efficiency.

Bucket elevator:

The bucket elevator is composed of a cycloidal pin gear reducer and a machine base, an upper and lower drum, a conveying tape, a hopper, a closed feed cylinder and a tensioning device. The lower end of the bucket elevator is connected to the screw conveyor, and the upper outlet is connected to the sand separator. The hoist cover is welded and has a beautiful appearance and good rigidity. There is an access door on the hoist cover to repair and replace the hopper. Open the door cover on the lower cover to repair the lower drive and eliminate the metal pill blockage at the bottom of the cover. The machine uses a flat belt to rotate. During work, the hopper fixed on the conveyor belt scrapes the metal abrasives at the bottom of the hoist, and then, under the driving of the hoist motor, lifts the abrasives to the top of the hoist, and finally drops the material by centrifugal gravity to input the metal abrasives. Meanwhile, the pill and sand are separated. At the same time, the hoist has a set of tensioning devices. When the belt is loose for a period of time, the belt can be tightened by adjusting the adjusting bolts on both sides of the upper part of the hoist. The adjustment range is 100 mm. When adjusting, pay attention to the adjustment of both ends.

Abrasive and sand separator:

This machine adopts advanced full curtain type sand separator. The separator consists of a separator screw, a drum screen, an abrasive silo, and so on. A feed mouth is provided at the funnel of the sand separator to replenish the device with new metal shot. The shot sand mixture flowing from the bucket elevator is fed by a separator screw to the drum screen. The drum screen is provided with inner and outer spiral pieces. During operation, the inner spiral piece sends large particles and debris such as sand blocks to the slag discharge port. The sieved pill, sand and dust mixture is pushed by the outer spiral of the drum and uniformly distributed along the entire length of the separator. Then, the abrasive materials adjusted by the hammer of the separator to flow uniformly to the bottom of the separator. At this time, the separator fan draws air through the separator suction hole. Using gravity wind selection principle, the metal pill and metal oxide scale fragments, broken pills and dust are effectively separated, large particle waste flows out from the separator overflow mouth, fine pill materials and dust flow out from the waste outlet, and the abrasive pills enter the abrasive silo and cycle.

Hook system:

It consists of hooks, speed reducer, friction wheel and electric hoist parts. The system completes the functions of hanging the workpiece, lifting the workpiece, transporting the workpiece into the chamber body, and rotating the workpiece in the cleaning chamber under the driving of the rotation device.

Screw conveyor:

The Screw conveyor is located at the bottom of the blasting chamber and is composed of a screw shaft, a blade, and shaft head at both ends. The blades are welded to the screw shaft. The lower drum of the hoist is mounted on the end of the screw shaft adjacent to the hoist. The conveyor is driven by the cycloid reducer at the lower part of the hoist. In operation, the screw conveyor transports the shot sand mixture to the bottom of the hoist, which is then lifted to the top by the hoist and discharged into the separator for separation. Screw conveyor and the hoist together forms a collecting and recycling system of the metal abrasives.

Working principle

When the machine is working, the machine starts to work normally when the preparation work (dust removal system, hoist, screw conveyor, etc.) is completed. First, the hook descends to lift the workpiece, rises to a certain position, and then enters the shot blasting chamber along the track, stops when it reaches the predetermined position, and starts to rotate. At this point, close the door of the shot blasting room, open the blast wheel, open the metal abrasive supplying gate, and start the shot blasting of the workpiece. Repeat this process until the work is completed and stop in sequence.

Working principle program

1. Dust removal system operation

2. The hoist is opened to drive the separator to open

3. Screw conveyor opens

4. Hook I hangs the workpiece outside the cleaning room, rises to a certain height, stops after touching the travel switch

5. Hook I enters the cleaning room and stops after the predetermined position

6. The cleaning door is closed and the hook I starts to rotate.

7. Blast wheel opens

8. Start cleaning after opening the pill gate

9. Hook II hangs the workpiece outside the cleaning room, rises to a certain height, stops after touching the travel switch

10. The workpiece hung by the hook I is cleaned up, and the pill gate is closed.

11. The blast wheel stops working

12. Hook I stop rotating

13. Clean the room door open, hook I remove the cleaning room

14. Hook II enters the cleaning room and stops after reaching the predetermined position.

15. The cleaning door is closed and the hook II starts to rotate.

16. Blast wheel opens

17. Open the pill gate and start cleaning

18. Hook I unloads the workpiece outside the cleaning

19. The workpiece hooked by the hook II is cleaned up, and the pill gate is closed.

20. Wheel blast stops

21. Hook II self-rotation stops

22. The cleaning room door is opened, and the hook II is removed from the cleaning room.

23. Continue working, please repeat steps 4-22

24. If you are ready to stop working, go to step 25.

25. pill gate closes, blast wheel stops, stop hook rotation, stop hoist, stop dust collector, and the whole machine stops working.

The shot blasting machine adopts three-phase 380V AC power supply, and the control loop is powered by single-phase 380V/220V transformer. For operation and maintenance convenient, the electrical equipment is concentrated in the control box, controlling the opening and stopping of each motor, and using the automatic air switch IQF and the key switch to connect the main power and the power of control circuit respectively.

Test run

After the machine is installed, follow the steps below to test:

1. Carefully check that the parts of the machine are securely connected;

2. Lubricate in accordance with the requirements of Section 6 of this manual;

3. No-load test 2 to 3 hours

4. If no problems are found in the above steps, open the hoist and screw conveyor and add about 600Kg of new metal pill to the equipment from the door of the cleaning room. These pills are transported by the screw conveyor and lifted by the hoist and finally stored in the hopper at the lower part of the separator. After driving, the pills will flow into the blast wheel through the electric pill supplying gate valve at the lower part of the hopper to perform shot blast cleaning of the workpiece to be cleaned in the cleaning chamber.

5. When adjusting the blast wheel, it should be noted that the position of the control cage of the blast wheel should be such that the pills completely covered on the workpiece to be cleaned, otherwise the cleaning efficiency will be affected. For the position of the control cage window, refer to the position shown in Figure 5. If necessary, apply black ink or a thick piece of paper on a piece of wood, place it at the position where the workpiece is cleaned, start the blast wheel, and manually add a small amount of pill to the pill tube and check the position of the cast belt. If the position of the projectile is not correct, adjust the control cage to obtain the ideal position. After the control cage is adjusted, the load can be tested. After 30 minutes of shot blasting, add another 400Kg of the pill.

Although we are doing our utmost to improve the quality of our shot blasting equipment, we are designing the life of the wear parts, the design of the projectile schematic diagram and thus reducing the wear on the wear parts, the control of the pill during the projectile, and the commitment to provide enough wear spare parts and other technical aspects achievement has been achieved, but due to the characteristics of the shot blasting machine itself, in order to keep your shot blasting equipment running efficiently and continuously, we still hope that users can cooperate with us together to deal with the maintenance and safety of the equipment.

Maintenance tips

The following is the many years accumulated experience of the hook-type shot blasting machine maintenance from Weifang Huaxing Machinery and now share with you.

1. Check the transfer records between employees before work.

2. Check if any debris falls into the machine and remove it in time to prevent blockage of each conveying link and cause equipment failure.

3. Before operation, it is necessary to carry out secondary inspection of wear parts such as guard plates, blades, impellers, rubber curtains, control cage and rollers, and replace them in time.

4. Check the matching of the moving parts of each electrical appliance, whether the bolt connection is loose, and tighten in time.

5. Shot blasting machine equipment oil injection point regularly check whether the oil filling in each part meets the requirements.

6. Check the chamber body guard plate of the shot blasting machine every day. If it is damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

7. The operator should check the cleaning effect at any time. If there is any abnormality, stop it immediately and check the equipment as a whole.

8. Before starting the machine, the operator must check whether the various switches of the control cabinet (panel) are in the required setting position (including each power switch) before starting the machine to avoid malfunction and damage the electrical and mechanical equipment.

9. Seals must be inspected daily and replaced if damaged.

10. Always check the quality of steel cleaning. If necessary, adjust the projectile angle and the roller conveyor speed. It is also necessary to operate correctly according to the hook-type shot blasting machine operating procedures.

Operating procedure

timg (6)

The following is the operating procedure of the hook shot blasting machine, which the operator must be familiar with in order to avoid the occurrence of the shot blasting machine malfunction and accident.

1. The dust removal system is turned on;

2. The hook is loaded with the workpiece outdoors;

3. The hook is opened into the room and the operation stops.

4. The door is closed and the hook starts to rotate;

5, the hoist is open;

6, the blast wheel is opened;

7. The gate of the pill system is opened and the cleaning begins;

8. After the cleaning is completed, the blast wheel stops and the gate of the pill system is closed;

9. The hook rotation stops;

10, the lift machine stops (if it continues to clean, it can be kept);

11. The door is opened and the hook is opened for outdoor unloading;

12. The dust removal system stops (if it continues to clean, it can be kept).

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