What are the materials of the dust bag?

Acrylic dust bag

1. Acrylic dust bag Acrylic needle felt, chemical name PAN homopolymer, which is used as a raw material to make felt by needle punching. After special water repellent treatment, acrylic medium temperature anti-hydrolysis needled filter felt is obtained. The air permeability is 14M3/M2·min@200Pa, the instantaneous working temperature is 140°C, and the normal working temperature is 120°C. The needle felt is reinforced with acrylic woven fabric as the base fabric to enhance the vertical and horizontal strength. It has excellent chemical resistance and hydrolysis resistance, and is widely used in dust collection of flue gas such as asphalt, dryer, coal mill and power plant sintering machine.

PAN homopolymer acrylic needle felt, weight 500g / m2, gas permeability 18m3/m2.min, singeing, calendering (Teflon coating) between 140 ° C or so working condition environment is relatively harsh, thickness 2.0mm, use temperature 150~160°C

 pps dust bag

2. PPS dust bag PPS needle felt is a filter material made of PPS fiber (polyphenylene sulfide) through three-dimensional acupuncture, can be used at a temperature of about 160 °C for a long time. PPS fiber is also called polyphenylene sulfide fiber. Due to its special molecular structure, it has good chemical stability and strength completely maintaining characteristics. It is especially effective in the flue gas environment with high sulfur content. It is suitable for high-acid smoke filtering environment such as coal-fired boilers. electric power, and garbage incineration.  PPS polyphenylene sulfide needle felt: weight 500g/m2, air permeability 15m3/m2.min high temperature setting, singeing, coated, electric coal boiler, waste incineration or high acid and alkali content high temperature field, thickness 2.0mm, use temperature 190 °C

Aramid cloth bag

3. Aramid cloth bag aramid (common name: aramid fiber), long-term temperature resistance 204 ° C, instant temperature resistance 240 ° C, strong alkali resistance, medium acid resistance, is a good material  treatment of temperature 180 ~ 220 °C high temperature gas. Aramid needle-punching filter material is widely used in steel, cement, electric power, chemical and other industries. It is an ideal flue gas dust removal filter material.  Domestic aramid needle felt (Metamax) weight 500g /m2, gas permeability 20m3 / m2.min ,singeing, calendering (Teflon coating) steel, cement, asphalt mixing or working condition environment higher temperature Occasion, thickness 1.9mm , use temperature 200 °C

P84 cloth bag

4. P84 high temperature resistant dust-removing cloth bag P84 needle felt is made of P84 fiber three-dimensional acupuncture, P84 fiber (ie, polyimide fiber) has good high temperature resistance, high temperature resistance up to 260 ° C, and P84 fiber cross section is not standardized Leaf shape, which can greatly improve the filtration effect. The fiber itself has certain resistance to hydrolysis and oxidation. The product has good temperature resistance and good filtration effect, and is widely used in complex working conditions such as concrete mixing, cement, garbage incineration, and coal-fired boilers.  P84 polyimide needle felting ,Gram weight 500g/m2, air permeability 14m3/m2.min, singeing, electric coal-fired boiler, waste incineration or harsh working condition environment, higher temperature occasion, thickness 2.1mm, use temperature 260 °C, alkali-free

PTFE dust bag

5. PTFE dust bag PTFE needle felt is a filter material made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene fiber) through three-dimensional acupuncture. PTFE fiber is a macromolecular linear structure, so it has strong temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and chemical stability. It is widely used in various harsh flue gas filtration environments such as steel, electric power and waste incineration.

fiber glass dust bag

 6. Glass fiber filter bag: This filter material is a high temperature resistant filter material with reasonable structure and good performance. It not only has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, dimensional stability, extremely small elongation and contraction rate and high strength of Glass fiber weaving fabric, but also the felt fiber is single fiber, three-dimensional microporous structure, high porosity and low resistance to gas filtration. It is a high-speed, high-efficiency high-temperature filter material. Compared with other high temperature resistant chemical fiber felts, it has special advantages such as low price, low running resistance, high filtration precision and higher temperature resistance. It is suitable for high temperature flue gas filtration in steel, metallurgy, carbon black, power generation, cement, chemical and other industries.  Glass fiber needle felt, Gram weight 950g /m2, gas permeability 20-35m3/m2.min, (Teflon coating )power plant, submerged arc furnace, blast furnace gas and other carbon black occasions, thickness 3.0mm, use temperature 90 ~ 280℃

7. The film bag: above the various material filter bags can provide the corresponding film filter bag. PTFE microporous membrane can effectively filter dust of 2.5um particle size, which is the first choice for solving PM2.5, and is also an important way to ensure the discharge concentration of various working conditions is below 10mg/Nm3. Our company cooperates with domestic well-known PTFE microporous membrane manufacturers to develop and produce various kinds of membrane filter bags selecting high-permeability and low-resistance three-dimensional microporous membranes to meet customers’ ultra-clean emissions.

 Anti-static dust bag

8. Anti-static dust bag: anti-static dust cloth bag filter cloth are made of anti-static terylene needle felt, with excellent anti-static properties, used for flour dust, chemical dust, coal dust industry, etc. in case of electrostatic discharge may explode. It is currently the most ideal choice for explosion-proof dust collection. Industrial dust can easily cause explosions and fires when the concentration reaches a certain level (ie, the explosion limit), such as electrostatic discharge sparks or external ignition. Such as: flour dust, chemical dust, coal dust, etc., in case of electrostatic discharge, there is a possibility of explosion. In the field of bag dust removal, if the dust needs to be collected by a cloth bag, it is required that the filter material of the needle felt antistatic dust collector has antistatic property. Our company absorbs and digests foreign technology and develops and produces permanent anti-static needle-punched filter felt according to the domestic blast furnace gas coal mill dust collection and cement plant coal mill dust collection and other industries’ requirement.

terylene anti-static needle felt: weight 500g / m2 , gas permeability 13m3 / m2.min, singeing, calendering (Teflon coating) thickness 1.8mm  Operating temperature: 120 ° C instantaneous temperature: 150 ° C resistance Ω: Surface 4.8 × 109 volume 8.9 × 108, friction potential: larger 250V average 183V surface nuclear density: 3.4MC / m2

 Terylener needle felt

9. Terylener needle felt weight 500g / m2, air permeability 8 ~ 12m3 / m2.min, singeing, rolling steel, metallurgy, machinery, non-ferrous smelting, coking refractory, cement building materials, chemicals, food, medicine, environmental protection equipment and other industries; Thickness 1.8mm, Operating temperature: 120°C, Instantaneous temperature: 150°C.

Terylener waterproof and oil-proof

10. Terylener waterproof and oil-proof needle felt: weight 500g / m2, air permeability 12m3 /m2.min, waterproof and oil-proof treatment (Teflon coating); thickness 2.0mm, Operating temperature: 120 ° C , instantaneous temperature: 150 °C

Terylener room temperature film needle felt

11.Terylener room temperature film needle felt: weight 500g / m2 gas permeability 2.4m3 / m2.min, singeing, calendered PTFE microporous film, thickness 2.0mm, Operating temperature: 120 ° C, instantaneous temperature: 150 °C.

12.Medium temperature high strength needle felt: weight 500g / m2, air permeability 20m3/m2.min , singeing, calendering (Teflon coating) between 170 ° C or so working environment is relatively harsh, thickness 2.0mm, use temperature 150 °C

FMS high-temperature composite needle felt

13. FMS high-temperature composite needle felt: gram weight 800g/m2 air permeability 15-30m3/m2.min, singeing, calendering steel, cement, metallurgical working environment higher temperature occasion. Thickness 3.0mm, use temperature 90~280°C

Nomex high temperature needle felt

14. Nomex high temperature needle felt: weight 500g / m2, air permeability 8 ~ 12m3 / m2.min, singe, thickness 1.9mm use temperature 200 ° C

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